COVID-19 Safety Update: Sing Stevie Wonder’s (Black) “Happy Birthday” (2X for Clean Hands)

(CBM) – Experts say you should wash your hands with water and soap for about 20 seconds to prevent spread of the Coronavirus.

How do you keep track of hand sud time without risking water damage to your smartphone-slash-timer?

Easy. Let’s start with a song every Black person in America knows.

Now, getting through it will take about enough time (you’ll go a little bit over in fact to about 26 seconds) to get in the standard three-line  “Happy Birthday” repetition in Stevie Wonder’s version of the birthday song — at least two times. So, a total of six lines after which you’ll be good. And safe. And fresh. And clean. And protected.

Your hard end can come right after you hit that last ‘happy birthday” – the one unpunctuated with the standard “to you” at the end. Yes, you can cut before you get to the bridge and

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