Housing Court postpones evictions due to COVID-19 outbreak

As of today, the Massachusetts Housing Court will postpone evictions in the state due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Chief Justice Timothy Sullivan of the Massachusetts Housing Court issued an order on March 13 ordering that, beginning March 18, all non-emergency court events, including small claims matters, civil matters and summary process cases — also known as eviction cases — will be postponed until at least April 21, 2020.

Sullivan wrote that the Housing Court’s reasons for issuing the order are to reduce the number of people in the courthouse on any given day and to promote social distancing to reduce risk of exposure to both litigants and court staff.

“Housing court is not a safe place for people to be right now,” said Helen Matthews, communications manager for the local housing activist group City Life / Vida Urbana. “People are often forced to sit shoulder to shoulder waiting for

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