Travel recommendations during COVID 19

For many of us, our plans continue to change amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some wonder if now is a good time to postpone or cancel their spring break travel. According to Cleveland Clinic’s Nikita Desai, M.D., there are good reasons to avoid hopping on an airplane during a viral pandemic.“Recirculation of air is a possibility for transmission, but what’s more concerning is all of the places that people touch when they get on an airplane or go to an airport,” she said. Dr. Desai said when we’re traveling, we’re encountering many people and many things. Based on some early studies, experts believe the COVID-19 virus can live outside of the body on surfaces – for hours, or even days.When it comes to contagious respiratory illnesses, Dr. Desai said it’s best to keep a distance of about six feet from other people, which is how far a respiratory droplet can travel.

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