Grocery store workers protest ‘unsafe’ conditions, lack of sick time pay

Boston-area grocery store workers lined up six feet apart, faces masked, along Harrison Avenue outside Whole Foods on the morning of April 7.

They were joined by compassionate customers and workers’ rights activists to demand that employers Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Shaw’s provide more masks and gloves, fully paid family and sick leave, and time-and-a-half “hazard pay” during the coronavirus pandemic.

“People have really experienced a lot of abuse going on,” said Debra Falzoi, 43, a protester and lobbyist for the Workplace Dignity Act, who drove in from central Massachusetts to show her support. “We’re hearing more and more staff are not getting personal protective equipment … are receiving salary reductions and no paid family or sick leave,” said Falzoi. “They’re not really caring about the welfare of their employees.”

Despite the megaphone and signs that read, “Protect the front line, not the bottom line,” Falzoi

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