Black Mother Dies During Childbirth After Tweeting About Hospital Complaints


Amber Isaac, a 26-year old first-time mother, reportedly died shortly after giving birth to her son, Elias, at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. She apparently feared it might happen and even tweeted about it days before her unfortunate death.

“She had mentioned to me that she feels like she’s not gonna make it,” her 28-year old partner, Bruce McIntyre, told The City. “And I would try my best to cheer her up. She would tell her mom she’s really glad the baby is healthy, but she’s scared that she’s not gonna make it.”

Sadly, what Amber feared came true on April 21 when her heart stopped as the medical staff removed her son via emergency C-section, where her husband was prohibited to enter because of the general anesthetic used.

“As soon as they took the baby out, her heart stopped,” McIntyre said. “And she bled out. Her platelet levels were

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