100,000: The Names Behind a Grim Toll


To the Editor:

Re “U.S. Deaths Near 100,000, an Incalculable Loss” (front page, May 24):

Thank you so much for this heartbreaking, breathtaking memorial. As a minister, I tell my congregants that memorializing someone is about much more than remembering the outlines of a person’s life. It’s about making what seems unreal — death of our loved one — more real, more concrete. It’s about building a container for our grief. It’s about retelling the story of how the person who died has shaped us.

You’ve done all of those things.

When many people die at once, a mass memorial plays an even more important societal role: to shape the story we will tell about what happened. This story will then shape our future. In humanizing our beloved dead, you have reminded us that each person is precious, not something to be

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