‘Shoot to kill’ rioters powerbroker Steve Hotze tells Gov. Abbott in a voicemail requesting National Guard




The Texas Tribune


In the days after George Floyd’s killing in police custody in Minneapolis last month, as massive protests against police brutality spread across Texas and other states, conservative power broker Steve Hotze of Houston called Gov. Greg Abbott’s chief of staff to pass along a message.

“I want you to give a message to the governor,” Hotze told Abbott’s chief of staff, Luis Saenz, in a voicemail. “I want to make sure that he has National Guard down here and they have the order to shoot to kill if any of these son-of-a-b—- people start rioting like they have in Dallas, start tearing down businesses – shoot to kill the son of a b—–s. That’s the only way you restore order. Kill ’em. Thank you.”

Dr. Steven F. Hotze is a physician and the founder of the Hotze Health and Wellness Center,

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