Census omitted 3.7 million Blacks in 2010, nearly five times its original ‘undercount’ claims





A special report released by the National Urban League revealed that the U.S. Census Bureau omitted at least 3.7 million African Americans from its 2010 count, nearly five times the 800,000 “undercount” that the bureau has long reported.

Largely due to the coronavirus, the sluggish response to the 2020 Census count now underway is on track for the same or even worse results, NUL predicted. The organization stated that the Black community stands to lose billions of dollars and significant political power if something is not done quickly to speed up and establish a more accurate count.

“As a gauge, last decade, 9% of Black people in the U.S. (approximately 3.7 million people), were missed in the 2010 Census – an “omission” rate higher than any other racial or ethnic group,” said NUL’s 12-page State of the 2020 Census report released June 17.

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