Dallas Realtor Talks Investing and Homebuying in the Era of Covid-19

The cost of housing in Dallas has been on a steady incline for some years now, with more and more people and corporations from states like California seeking reprieve from the high cost of living and doing business. Now in the era of Covid-19, with many facing job loss, furlough, or underemployment, it’s all some people can do to keep their mortgages afloat. Many, myself included, thought that the housing market would skid to a complete stop. Realtors like Dr. Randy Bell have something different to say. 

Photo Courtesy of: Randy Bell

You’re probably wondering why we’re talking about a realtor named Dr. Bell. Well, before we go any further, let me explain. Dr. Bell is a licensed pharmacist who formerly had a great career at CVS, the drugstore and pharmacy chain. He left corporate America after developing a keen

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