“In the midst of the crisis, New Yorkers set an example of solidarity and creativity”

Photo Credits: Viviane Faver

By Viviane Faver 

When the coronavirus pandemic began, and people were forced to stop working, many New York residents became unemployed and struggled to fill their refrigerator.

Aware of this,  a group of activists from the Org – In Our Hearts – created the project ‘The Friendly Fridge.’ The idea is simple: a refrigerator set up outside businesses or other heavily trafficked locations, stocked with food free for anyone who needs it.  

The New York Beacon talked to the creators of this project, Selma Raven and Sara Allen. “We were the 5th refrigerator in NYC, and now there are over 32. Each Fridge is autonomous, but many are connected via several Signal chat groups to share resources, transportation, and ideas around getting food donations and rescues,” says Sara Allen. 


Sara and Selma explain this is a mutual aid initiative -not charity. “This is everyone helping

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