New York Beacon interview Jamaal Bowman 

(Photo credits: Corey Torpie)

by Viviane Faver 

In recent months, a lot has been said about how the coronavirus affects our lives. However, we do not hear any news about the situation in jails and prisons.

Aware of this, progressive Democrat Jamaal Bowman hosted last week a “people’s hearing” in order to know more about the situation. With a 48,000 people population in New York alone, usually overcrowded and unable to do social distancing, prisons and jails have been breeding grounds for COVID-19 spread.

In an exclusive interview for the New York Beacon, Jamaal Bowman addresses this topic as well as its underlying conditions.

New York Beacon: We are aware of the contagion of the virus in jail. What are the main complaints of prisoners? Has any action been taken in this regard? 

Bowman: We’re working with criminal justice organizations to call for Governor Cuomo or do more to release

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