Queen Latifah talks politics and Black Lives Matter [video]

Queen Latifah is not holding back her feelings about 2020. She told “Extra’s” Nate Burleson, “This whole year has been hell… ya know what I mean?”

Opening up, she said, “I’ve been, you know, emotionally wounded, you know, I’ve been financially wounded… I can’t help my family, that bothers me… When I work, 200 people work, you know what I’m saying? So it’s bigger than me when it comes to that.”

Regarding the pandemic, she said, “Watching this virus called COVID coming at you like a slow-moving train and not seeing enough being done about it, like, ‘Yo, is everybody seeing this?’”

Queen Latifah also spoke about Black Lives Matter, and how it might have been avoided if we paid more attention to Colin Kaepernick. “He decided to take a knee… and then it became about everything except what it was about. It was strictly about police brutality. It

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