“No Going Back”: Scholars Say Lives of Black Californians Must Improve After COVID

LOS ANGELES (CBM) – With most of the conversation around the COVID-19 pandemic focused on relief within the next few months, some activists and researchers are looking to the future, asking: What should “back to normal” look like for Black Californians?

“No Going Back” is an independent report presented by the Committee for Greater LA, the University of Southern California’s (USC) Equity Research Institute, and the University of California Los Angles’ (UCLA) Luskin School of Public Affairs. The study offers dozens of policy recommendations to ensure equal access to all Los Angeles residents, regardless of race or immigration status post-COVID. The report is comprised of 15 chapters covering multiple policy areas, including housing and homelessness, economic development, public health and education.

“COVID is the disease that has revealed our social illnesses of anti-Black racism; precarious employment; sharp racial gaps in wealth and digital access; unaffordable housing; growing homelessness; unresponsive

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