What It’s Like Living in 9 Parts of N.Y.C. Facing a New Lockdown

For as long as the coronavirus pandemic has stalked New York City, Tatsiana Vazgryna has been looking for work near her home in southern Brooklyn.

After a halting search, the last week brought some hope. With her 9-year-old daughter returning to in-person public school, Ms. Vazgryna thought she would have time to prioritize her job search over child care.

Then, on Sunday, Ms. Vazgryna learned that Mayor Bill de Blasio, worried about an uptick of cases in parts of Brooklyn and Queens, planned to close schools in nine ZIP codes. Her daughter’s elementary school in Bensonhurst would be among those shut, giving Ms. Vazgryna less time to visit stores and restaurants for work.

“You can’t do that with school,” she said.

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