Do you have a COVID-19 story to tell?

Has the global COVID-19 pandemic been especially hard on you? Have you gotten the virus, cared for someone who has had COVID-19 or been forced to make tough decisions between your health and your job? If so, you are not alone. Many people have been affected by the virus and have stories to tell about their experiences—especially the caregivers among us.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that the definition of essential caregivers includes more than health care professionals. People who work in grocery stores, food service, hospitality, child and elder care, retail, security and health care are also frontline workers—people who have been deemed essential to the economy or to the basic functioning of everyday life. These industries have been hit hard by COVID-19—either because of job loss or risk of exposure to the virus. Many of these essential jobs are held by African American

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