Story Booth—Caring during COVID Story

When [the pandemic] hit and we were told to shelter in place, it hadn’t hit me yet. I was still going to the store without a mask or gloves, but then I started to see the shelves emptied of hand sanitizer, hand soap, toilet paper, etc. I hadn’t really felt the impact of it. I was in shock.

Then, I started wearing gloves, a hat, a double mask, and I was really scared—really petrified of people and of being in public spaces. But I had to go out and get necessities.

I also have an 80-year-old mother who lives on the other side of town. She definitely couldn’t be going out shopping, so I had to be the one to do it. One time, I had just come from dropping off groceries to my mom and had to drive back across town to get home and unload my groceries. At

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