OP-ED: Illinois can Fund its Way Toward Shared Public Safety

By:  IL Attorney General Kwame Raoul and Deputy Majority Leader of the Illinois House of Representatives Jehan Gordon-Booth

What is the antidote to the spike in violence, pandemic health crisis, and urgent calls for justice and safety in communities across Illinois, including Chicago and Peoria?

The remedy does not reside in the militarization of our law enforcement agencies or overinvestment in measures of surveillance and punishment. These tactics have proven ineffective and unreliable.

The best way to respond in this moment and prioritize public safety is to invest in communities—especially communities of color most harmed by concentrated violence and COVID-19.

report in the Chicago Tribune shows how decades of disinvestment in Chicago’s Black and Latino neighborhoods—across housing, education, health, and more—have left communities vulnerable to the very crises we are facing today. Moreover, the authors note that the wealth gap causing many racial disparities during the pandemic is not an accident: countless policy

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