COVID-19 vaccine: What we know

by Glenn Ellis

(—All of the mixed messages about the impending COVID-19 vaccine that are raining down from every level of government, makes knowing what is safe and how best to protect ourselves, boils down to a matter of how you interpret what you are hearing! The misstatements; contradicting guidelines; and the retractions, are making us dizzy. Who, and what, do we believe, so we know how to best protect ourselves, and our families?

So much of how the leaders, in our nation, are projecting about the pathway out of this pandemic is centered, squarely, on a vaccine. Do you trust what you’re hearing? Do you even understand all this “scientific” stuff they is being spouted? Whether you decide to get one, once they become available or not, wouldn’t like to make an informed decision? I’d like to offer a little insight on the promise of a COVID-19 vaccine that we need to know

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