#StayWokeGoVote: Early Voting Begins October 29th at One Oak Field


By: Brady Halbleib


In-person early voting is just days away and county officials are teaming up with ONEOK Field to provide a large and centrally located venue to cast your ballots. ONEOK Field also provides space to safely stay socially distanced during the coronavirus pandemic.

ONEOK staff are working with the elections office to prepare for Thursday.

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The Tulsa County Election Board anticipates a massive early voting turnout. With millions across the nation already casting their ballots, our local board wants to help stay ahead of the rush while providing a safe place for people to vote.

“We feel like this is an extension of an outdoor facility that’s perfect for this type of use,” general manager for Tulsa Drillers, Mike Malega said.

With the presidential election just eight days away, millions are planning to vote early. The Tulsa County Election Board is expecting a similar trend here in Tulsa. “This facility accommodates large crowds that will allow us safe social distancing,” secretary for the Tulsa County Election Board, Gwen Freeman said.

It’s one of the major selling points for the election board choosing this location. Voters will

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