Black Men, Seize Your Power and Vote for Joe Biden

Black Men, Seize Your Power and Vote for Joe Biden

By Ramona Houston, Ph.D., PMP

As we enter the final day of the 2020 election cycle, African American men have taken center stage in the conversation about this transformative election. Despite the political realities of the last four years, polling data shows a small, yet significant percentage of African American men supporting President Donald Trump, and another notable percentage choosing not to participate in the political process at all.

Considering the current state of black America, one thing is clear: African Americans have suffered immensely under the Trump administration. For this reason and more, the black community needs black men to not only exercise their political power, but also use it for the best interest of our community by voting for Joe Biden.

Black men, YOUR VOTE MATTERS. If it didn’t, Republicans wouldn’t spend so much time creating systemic

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