Three Lessons From the Past to Help You Understand the 2020 Election

(NewsUSA) – Think this election season has been the craziest of all time? Think again. American elections have long been highlighted by drama, scandal and intrigue — and the surprising twists and turns of presidential campaigns have a habit of repeating themselves. Several aspects of the 2020 election cycle have undoubtedly been unique, with a global pandemic, protests for racial justice and extremist groups threatening violence. 

From the civil rights movement to the Great Recession, Americans have previously headed to the polls through war, economic downturn and social instability. As the dust settles after this election, it’s worth looking back to the past for a bit of historical context.” In this crazy year, the best way to figure out what will happen to the country after everything settles down again is to understand our history,” says Carlos Watson, Emmy-winning journalist, entrepreneur, political commentator, CEO of OZY and host of

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