5 rules to get parents up on online courses, virtual learning 101 for parents

By Roz Edward

While the focus of virtual learning during school closings and in-person restrictions to ensure ongoing and quality education for students is the new normal, some parents of cyber students find themselves thrown into a new world of parental involvement, that many are ill-prepared for. In short they too are finding themselves on an accelerated an unfamiliar learning curve too.

Not only do parents assume the role of surrogate teachers while adjusting to kids at home, many are returning to their pre-pandemic work environments and trusting that their charges will forego the typical distractions of life and learning at home without the guidance of an adult at home. So how does a working parent step into the role of teacher’s aide?

COVID-19 created a perfect storm for parents with varying degrees of tech expertise and students at varying benchmarks in the learning process. On the whole, parents

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