Local Resident Goes Through A COVID World Without Full Use Of Her Sight

Earlier this year, Stephanie Watts participated in the local Martin Luther King, Jr. march and followed that up with a 5K walk on Valentine’s Day. She also worked out at the YWCA three times a week.

Diminishing sight hasn’t stopped Stephanie Watts from living her best life. She’s shown here with her husband of 22 years, Kymi, who is also legally blind. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he goes out more than she does, as Ms. Watts is not comfortable being around people who don’t take the same precautions she does.

“I didn’t retire just to have all these health issues,” said Ms. Watts, 60, of her pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

She modified her diet and bought one of those three-in-one elliptical machines for her townhouse. She started to feel good and often took walks in her neighborhood, just to get some fresh air.

Then COVID-19 hit and everything

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