Anonymous $360,000 Donation To Assist North Tulsa Residents

By Lily Cummings, KTUL Staff


Today many in north Tulsa County are rejoicing after someone anonymously donated $360,00 to go towards resident’s outstanding utility bills.

The Senior Pastor of St. Andrew Baptist Church, Dr. B.M. Judge Bailey, said that’s been divided so that each week they can cover up to $7,000 on a first-come-first-served basis.

“Out of nowhere for a grace to be given like this in this way it just it moves the heart,” Bailey said.

Bailey learned of the donation through another pastor in Turley who called him.

“We’re in a community where this is a constant struggle in North Tulsa so when he called me and said, ‘Hey Judge listen a donation just came and they want good stewards to be able to care and dispense this for our northside county community,’” Bailey said, “I was on board. I believe in the church being the hands of Christ to be able to help our fellow man.”

The two churches, St. Andrew and Woodlake Family Church in Turley, formed the North Tulsa County Alliance to relieve community members from utility bills.

Bailey said most people who apply are simply not making enough to cover everything, or

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