COVID-19: Structural racism and Black health

by Glenn Ellis

I am glad Covid has “laid bare” structural racism and inequalities in healthcare and health for some folks. Welcome. We are happy to have you join us in the fight of our lives.
-Dr. Robin Stevens-

(—Throughout modern U.S. medical history, official reports and statistics have documented, and confirmed, the disproportionate burden of health carried by the Black community. Now, COVID-19 has not only brought incredible attention to myriad of chronic diseases and social determinants that lead to those health outcomes but has made clear and indisputable how systemic racism works.

For all of us in the United States, the phrase “health disparities” or “health inequities” has never been made clearer than what are seeing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black communities. For what is arguably the first time in this nation’s history, the entire country is witnessing exactly what has been historically

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