Sickle Cell Foundation of GA stands with Affordable Care Act

Sickle Cell Foundation of GA Says All Patients Stand to Lose with a Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, Inc., a statewide nonprofit dedicated to assisting thousands of state residents with the chronic red blood cell disorder, today reaffirmed its support for the Affordable Care Act, and for the critical protection of pre-existing conditions — which it enabled. The Foundation and stakeholders are concerned about a lawsuit before the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act. For millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, such a sweeping decision would cut or limit access to needed healthcare and reverse all gains that favor medical homes.

“Thousands of Georgians suffer from Sickle Cell Disease and most are either under-insured or are not insured at all,” explained Dr. Otis Powell, the SCFG Medical Director and a private practitioner treating SCD patients. Oral arguments are scheduled for

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