How Do You Want To Die

How do you want to die? By Julianne Malveaux

 For a lot of people, especially in the Black community, conversations about death are uneasy. Nobody wants to candidly face their mortality. Some want to “leave it in God’s hands.” Some have given more thought to homegoing service details – the preacher, choir, and repast – than to some of the more practical aspects of making the transition from life to the afterlife. But if COVID has done nothing else for us, it has increased our awareness of our mortality. We often comfort the bereaved with the comment that “tomorrow is not promised.” COVID makes that acutely clear.

There are many decisions you can make today to ease your transition tomorrow, many choices that you should also urge your parents, grown children, and other loved ones to consider. The question, “how do you want to die” seems harsh and abrupt,

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