#StayWoke The Oklahoma Eagle Editorial: A Nation Divided, Union Mascot And Christmas Utility Bills

Biden And Harris Take Over A Nation Divided 

As the Nation begins the process of dealing with the administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it is important to note, the nation changed its mind but delivered no mandate. It would be wise to accept that conclusion. Given the slim margin, Biden should do what defeated President Donald J. Trump never did and that is understand there is a divided government. Despite the record-breaking turnout, and the large numbers who voted for Biden, 70 million Americans voted for Trump.

This is not the time to settle old scores, that was the agenda of the last administration. Trump was not subtle in his attempt to wipe the earth clean of any mention of President Barack Obama. Even if it meant doing away with valuable and popular laws. The first element of the Trump voter is that they are mad and wanted to shake up the government. While that ultimately wasn’t a wise agenda, the rage is still there. Why are they so angry? In some cases it is being fed a ton of misinformation to rile up their fears. And it worked and continues to work.

Even if Trump concedes tomorrow,

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