New study suggests COVID patients more susceptible to mental illness

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent

Medical and scientific experts have sounded the alarm, wanting people to understand that COVID is not the flu or a common cold, and recovery may not be permanent.

According to a new study, 20 percent of recovering coronavirus patients develop some form of mental illness within 90 days.

Researchers at Oxford University in Great Britain noted that first-time diagnosis of anxiety, depression, and insomnia increased two-fold in patients after they’ve recovered from COVID.

Further, they discovered that COVID survivors also found significantly higher risks of dementia.

“People have been worried that COVID-19 survivors will be at greater risk of mental health problems, and our findings … show this to be likely,” Paul Harrison, a professor of psychiatry at Oxford, told Reuters.

“(Health) services need to be ready to provide care, especially since our results are likely to be underestimates (of the number of

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