Bigger and Better: Chatham Walmart reopens Saturday with State of the Art Health Center.

Amid a pandemic and social unrest after the George Floyd Murder, residents watched in horror as many of their local shopping centers were destroyed by looters.  Walmart, located on Chatham on the city’s Southside, was one of them. Many wondered if the superstore would return to the neighborhood that served so many.   Elderly residents wondered where they would go for prescriptions and groceries, and employees stressed whether they would have a job.  Not only did Walmart return to the neighborhood with a completely remodeled store, but they also added a state of the art health center to serve the community.

“These last few months have been especially difficult for this great city, and it has done a remarkable job facing its challenges head-on, ” said Keith Wyche, Walmart Vice President, Community Engagement and Support. “We are proud to have the opportunity to reopen these stores and health clinics and further

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