DC Health Link Offers 2020-2021 Open Enrollment to D.C. Residents, Businesses

Like many District entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders, Eric Weaver — founder and chairman of the National Association of Returning Citizens, an advocacy group for people who have served sentences in the criminal justice system — wanted to make sure his employees had access to good health care.

After conducting research with his staff, Weaver decided DC Health Link, the District’s health care exchange, became his best option and contacted them.

“We got in touch with a broker who happened to be a certified business enterprise,” he said. “The broker came to visit and spoke with us about how many employees we had and what were their salaries. Then our employees had the chance to choose from different plans whether it be gold, bronze and silver, that fits their needs.”

Weaver’s nonprofit has joined over 5,100 District employers with 80,000 employees utilizing DC Health Link, statistics compiled by the exchange report. The exchange reports more than 100,000 people in the District have private insurance through it. Average premiums range from $570 for the least expensive plan to $800 for the highest cost plan.

In addition, DC Health Link reports 96 percent of District residents are covered by health insurance, a state-level

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