OP-ED: Donald Trump…Take the “L”…Then Leave.

It is now almost 20 days since Donald Trump lost the Presidential election. As of today, Joe Biden has 306 electoral votes and almost 80 million of the popular vote. Thursday evening, Georgia turned blue, proclaiming Joe Biden as the winner. With all the facts starring him in the face, Donald Trump refuses to concede the election. He is also refusing to begin the transition of power to President-Elect Joe Biden.   Why should this surprise any of us? Since Trump refutes medical science regularly, I would assume he is not too keen on mathematical science. This is the same President that rejects medical science surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. As coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise; Trump says nothing. He chooses to fill his days and America’s courtrooms with baseless and frivolous lawsuits around invisible voter fraud. Ironically, Trump is spending so

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