Empowering your community and helping small black-owned business

 Photo Credits: Billy Delfs

By Viviane Faver

Nilu, a black-owned retail store located in Harlem, is finding ways to support and elevate the African American community dealing with the effects of Covid-19 in New York City and across the United States. To give more visibility to multicultural creators across the country, NiLu is expanding its brand and developing its website so that people worldwide can support small businesses, black manufacturers, and multicultural creators from all over the country.

NiLu co-owners Mark Pinn and Katrina Parris have lived in Harlem for 20 years and opened the store in 2015. They felt the need for a retail store above 96th street, where people could buy elegant, eclectic, and beautiful gifts that reflect the neighborhood community’s culture. In an exclusive interview with the New York Beacon, Mark and Katrina talk about NiLu’s origin and their journey to get there. 

New York Beacon

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