Mayor Johnson to deliver virtual State of the city from the Hall of State


Special to The Dallas Examiner


Mayor Eric Johnson announced Nov. 18 that he would deliver his annual State of the City address virtually Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. at the Hall of State at Fair Park.

This year’s address will mark a return to the public roots of the address. For decades, the city’s mayor has delivered the traditional address to groups and clubs that represent businesses and civic interests.

City archivist John Slate said the annual event and address has taken numerous forms over the years. While public records are incomplete, references to the State of the City can be found as early as 1887, although it’s possible that the address was given in previous years. The earliest printed report that Slate could find was one given in 1890 by Mayor Winship C. Connor, who addressed it to the City Council.

Last year, Johnson, like his predecessors,

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