Hello Baby and Pittsburgh Study want to help children thrive

As 2020 closes, and we are still mired down by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time to reflect. It has been a difficult year for most of us and our families. People have been forced to find ways to bounce back from hardship, to be resilient. We have given support and asked for support from each other in order to protect ourselves and our families. Some people’s difficulties have been made worse by the pandemic. Fortunately, Allegheny County is an area with many resources that can help people and families to be resilient in these times.

“We’re very lucky in Allegheny County to have a lot of prevention, family-strengthening and community support services,” says Amy Malen, assistant deputy director of the Office of Community Services in Allegheny County’s Department of Human Services (DHS). “But when we look at who’s participating in services, we’re not reaching everyone. People aren’t always aware

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