Pandemic Relief and the Georgia Elections

Pandemic Relief and the Georgia Elections
By Ben Jealous

Fair warning: this isn’t a traditional Christmas-week column.

If we think of clarity as a kind of gift, though, we can be grateful that the effort to pass a much-needed COVID-19 relief bill in the waning days of this Congress makes one thing crystal clear: hurting families and small businesses will be abandoned if Republicans keep control of the U.S. Senate by winning Georgia’s January 5 runoff elections.

There is some good news. The $900 billion package includes emergency relief for renters, families, small businesses, and more. That pandemic relief, that, includes direct help to individuals, is urgently needed. It will extend some protections against evictions for another month. It will give small business owners a little more breathing space to try to survive the pandemic.

About 12 million unemployed people who were going to be cut off at the end

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