Year 2020 marked by pandemic and protests

When 2020 dawned, the coronavirus wasn’t yet considered a pandemic. A few experts  were eyeing it as a worrisome development in China. The first U.S. case wouldn’t be confirmed until late January. By March, however, much of the nation ground to a halt as local governments geared up for a fight against an unfamiliar adversary.

While the COVID-19 pandemic came to define 2020, the Minneapolis police murder of George Floyd in May and the racial reckoning that came in its wake dominated headlines for much of the year as well, leading policymakers, business leaders and the news media to grapple with racial inequality in its manifold forms for much of the year.

The November election drew unprecedented voter turnout after a long and bitterly divisive campaign season.

Even as the year’s events shattered lives and drew out the worst and best in communities across the nation, local communities grappled throughout

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