COVID-19: A new year with more meaningful resolutions

by Glenn Ellis

(—According to a new survey from CIT Bank conducted by The Harris Poll, despite the turbulence of 2020, Americans are not turning their backs on making goals for the year ahead. In fact, more Americans are planning to make New Year’s resolutions for 2021 (43 percent) than did so for this year (35 percent).

As we near the end of 2020, many of us are looking to 2021 as a fresh start. Do you have a New Year’s resolution or goal for the new year? Did you have to put off your 2020 goals because of COVID-19? Has the pandemic given you a new perspective that makes your resolutions—or how you plan to achieve them—different than what you might have done in the past? How have your goals for the future changed in our “new normal”?

After almost the entirety of 2020, we are learning more about

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