Mia Collins Milk Boutique Dedicated To Quality

The Milk Boutique


Native Tulsan Mia Collins is the owner and founder of Milk Boutique in Tulsa. Collins has lived in Tulsa all her life. Collins love profession developed at an early age yes she has always been very particular about what she wore, she said that there was one particular outfit she loved to wear she called it the B suit , because it had bears and letter b’s all over it.

She says I loved it so much she stated  “I’d wear it everyday if I could and I’d completely be unbothered about what others thought about it.”

The same confidence and boldness resonates with her today Collins feel a woman’s confidence is very important and how she carries herself is instant language.  In Mias word: “Weather we like it or not fashion is language.’’ Collins boutique exemplifies a lot of her personality traits; bold, confident, sexy and classy. Collins  again said: “I’ve always been able to be fashionable without breaking the bank and, now I’m able to offer the same to women of the Tulsa community.”

Collins also said: ”I get the question a lot of why I call  my store Milk. Well just take a

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