What’s Holding Up California’s Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccines

(CBM) – More than fourteen days into January, California has not distributed as many COVID-19 vaccines as previously estimated.

Gov. Gavin Newsom first acknowledged on Jan. 4 that the state’s vaccine rollout was “not good enough.” As of Jan. 8, less than a third of the over 2 million doses of vaccines that California has received has been administered to eligible residents.

After a slow start in distribution, on Jan. 8, Governor Gavin Newsom set a target to vaccinate an additional one million Californians over the next nine days. In addition to this goal, in the proposed state budget announced the same day, Newsom allocated $372 million to improve vaccination efforts.

“We want to see 100% of what’s received immediately administered in people’s arms, and so that’s a challenge,” Newsom said during his Jan. 4 news briefing. It’s a challenge across this country – it’s a challenge, for

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