Councilors spar over special election

Last Friday, a week after City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo proposed a home rule petition that would eliminate the requirement for a special election to fill the mayor’s seat, a legal review requested by Councilor Lydia Edwards found that three of the body’s 13 members could not vote on the matter due to conflicts of interest.

When councilors received copies of the review, Arroyo fired off a query to the state Ethics Commission, which that same day determined there would be no conflict of interest in councilors who intend to run for mayor or the acting mayor voting to eliminate the special election.

District 1 Councilor Lydia Edwards.

District 1 Councilor Lydia Edwards.

The legal review, written by the City Council’s staff attorney, cited the state’s conflict of interest law, Chapter 268A, in making the case that neither an acting mayor nor councilors who

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