AHA: ‘Don’t Die of Doubt’

Heart Association campaign urges those with heart attack or stroke-like symptoms to still call 911 immediately

by Renee P. Aldrich
For New Pittsburgh Courier

America’s death toll due to the coronavirus pandemic has surpassed 400,000. In California, someone contracts COVID-19 every six minutes, as it’s currently the epicenter for the virus.

Tragically, over the past 10 months, we all know of someone close to us, a family member or friend, or someone in our neighborhood, who has had to deal with the virus. We have been living under a “shutdown” since last March. Schools are operating virtually, and many employers have their employees working from home. Others, unfortunately, have lost their jobs.

With all these statistics, and everything associated with what they mean for this country, as well as the drastic impact COVID-19 has had on our lifestyle, there remains an even greater risk to men and women; the presence

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