COVID Q&A: Pittsburgh vaccine experts say we’re in a race to vaccinate and educate before it’s too late

by Oliver Morrison

The country is in a race against time. 

Public health officials are trying to vaccinate as many people as possible to limit how many Americans get sick and die and to stop the virus before it mutates and becomes even harder to stop.  

There is a second race that will become even more important as time goes on: the task of quickly convincing people that the vaccine is safe. Right now, tens of millions of Americans have yet to commit to taking the vaccine. Many others are not eligible for the vaccine, including everyone younger than 16. 

We spoke to two researchers in Pittsburgh about this challenge. Whichever spreads faster — the vaccine or the virus; vaccine science or vaccine misinformation — will determine whether many thousands of Americans live or die. We combined the interviews for clarity and brevity.

Paul Duprex is the director of

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