The New York State Department of Health recorded nearly 15,000 deaths from Covid-19 in nursing homes and adult care centers

By Viviane Faver

  The data was released after the state attorney general’s office said in a report in late January that the health department underestimated Covid-19 deaths among nursing home residents by about 50%.    Updated data posted on the health department’s website on Monday show 13,235 confirmed and presumably positive deaths by Covid-19 from nursing home residents since March 1. About 4,091 of those deaths occurred after a resident was transported out of a nursing home.      HBCUs Have Long Been At The Forefront Of Black Political Empowerment     Long-term facilities covered in the data include nursing homes and adult care facilities, but health department data distinguishes between the two subcategories: defines ‘adult care facilities’ as assisted living facilities and other settings aggregate care providers that are not licensed to provide comprehensive medical services, while ‘nursing homes’ are considered a separate group, defined as “places

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