CPS and CTU Discuss Return to In-Person Learning for HS Students.

Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson said talks were underway between CPS and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) on returning to in-person learning for high schoolers. “We’re beginning those discussions with CTU, and one of the things that we’re committed to, is providing much more transparency and collaboration with our parents in order to do that,” Jackson said during a visit to a West Loop elementary school Thursday.


CPS acknowledges that it is a challenge to formulate a hybrid pod system for high school students. Due to their schedules, HS students typically change classes. Meaning hundreds of students would pass each other several times a day. The switching of classrooms would heighten the chances of spreading Covid-19 between students and staff.

CPS CEO Jackson stated she received several emails from parents of high schoolers. They are displeased with the current remote learning model. They

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