Essential Workers Remain Concerned about Workplace Safety.

Essential Workers are at some of the highest risks of contracting COVID-19.  Safety in the workplace is important because some essential workers have contracted COVID-19 at work. These workers expressed their fears and concerns about workplace safety during the pandemic.

Nina, an essential worker at a suburban bank, has valid concerns regarding COVID-19 safety protocols in the workplace.  Nina confirms her employer does have protocols in place, but they are inadequate.  The staff at the bank are required to wear masks, clean their workstations, and practice social distancing.  Nina notes she does practice social distancing when applicable. Still, the layout of her workplace does not allow the recommended 6ft distance in all areas.  According to Nina, workplace maintenance is not up to par.  Employees are asked to clean their workstations frequently but do not have the adequate number of needed supplies.  The staff needs more supplies to keep the areas

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