Desiree Watkins is Primed and Ready in the Race for Village President of Olympia Fields.

Desiree Watkins, current Olympia Fields Trustee, and Candidate for Village President of Olympia Fields has organized an outstanding campaign team and platform in her quest to become the next Village President of Olympia Fields.

Desiree Watkins, a 20-year resident of the Southland area, is committed to leading by empowering others to achieve extraordinary results in her professional and personal life. Desiree got involved in government to apply those skills to make a difference and has since been urged to run for a higher position.

“It didn’t take long for me to see the challenges that we are facing as a village but more importantly the opportunities that are available.  I’m not running for office; I’m running for the residents of Olympia Fields.  I’m not attached to the position, I’m devoted to my community” says Trustee Desiree Watkins.

Desiree Watkins believes that her current role as Village Trustee as well as

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