Local Organization, Equality Should Be Normal, Protect Women from Carjackings.

Equality Should Be Normal (ESBN), a Chicago-based nonprofit organization provides a day of protection for women amid Chicago’s surge of carjackings. According to data released by the Chicago Police Department, 218 vehicular carjacking’s were reported in Jan. That is an increase of 183 percent from 2019. While residents look toward law enforcement for answers, Equality Should Be Normal has taken the initiative to provide protection for women.

The one-day event at the Bronzeville BP was met with praises from residents. “Our goal is to make sure women can come and get gas and other essential needs while feeling safe and secure,” says Romel Murphy, founder of Equality Should Be Normal. Carjackings have become a pandemic within a pandemic here in Chicago. With facemasks being worn by everyone, victims are unable to identify their assailant. Chicago PD first deputy superintendent Eric Carter said that suspects are between 15 to 20

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