Prostate cancer: Fact or fiction?

There are several myths about prostate cancer that can be misleading and deter timely and appropriate screening tests and treatment.

1. Prostate cancer occurs only in older men. Not necessarily. Although the incidence of prostate cancer increases with age, thirty-five percent are diagnosed in men under the age of 65. That’s largely because of the impact of race, family history, genetic changes and lifestyle.

For instance, men with a genetic mutation are typically afflicted before the age of 60.

2. If you have no symptoms you don’t have prostate cancer. Nope. Prostate cancer is largely asymptomatic. As the disease progresses, however, symptoms, such as urinary frequency, blood in the urine and bone pain may occur.

3. Since prostate cancer grows slowly, it’s not a concern. Not always. Some cancers are what’s called indolent, and grow so slowly that treatment may not be warranted. Active surveillance is recommended instead, and men

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