Sistahs on the Frontline: Kula Koenig – A Social Justice Organizer

Having fled war-torn Liberia as a child, Kula Koenig understands that the freedom to speak out against injustice is just that, freedom.

“Seeing dead bodies, seeing people with guns coming at you, having no place to live or be. You just didn’t have any control,” she shared.

“There wasn’t even a mechanism to speak out. A civil war broke out and one night you have to run out of your home. There’s no control. There’s no speaking out, there’s no going to a council meeting or going to a Board of Supervisors meeting. Not even close,” she said.

Fast forward to today and Ms. Koenig does in fact voice her dissatisfaction with the ways of the world, Sacramento specifically. Hers is a familiar name and face at local meetings. From defunding the police to the County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, if there is an issue that impacts

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